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That Drawer

Have you ever wondered what a sex therapist would recommend?

We have the best drawers on Long Island!

If you know what you want, purchase online and either pick up on location or we will discreetly ship to you.

The real experience at That Drawer is having a one on one personal shopping session with one of the best sex therapists on Long Island to curate a custom selection for your specific pleasures.

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About Us

This is Long Island's highly anticipated erotic boutique and gender expression shop.

At That Drawer, you will find exactly what you need in order to create your peak sexual experience. We are also proud to offer the best gender expression gear.

Our curators are leading sexuality experts who can suggest items specific to your interests, desires and needs. Our personal consultations are by appointment only to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

Each consultation is completely customized to you. To enhance discretion, you have the option of discarding the branded materials from your items and placing them in non-specific draw string bags.

Do you already know what you’re yearning for? You can purchase online and either pick up your items on location or we will mail them to you in standard mailing packages. If you live on Long Island, it is very likely you will receive your mailed package within the next day or two.

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Most items are available now for online shopping, same day pick-up and shipping. Appointments will be available starting mid-April 2021. Thank you!

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