Anal Tips

Exploring anal toys and not sure about your first time using them? 

While we can't help you with your body in particular, here are some great resources and tips for anal play. 


If you have a prostate, check out this book, The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure, by Charlie Glickman.

This book, the Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women, by Tristan Taormino, might also be a good resource 

If you would like some video instructions for anal massage to get ready for play, check out this website

Overall, always use a great lube and use a generous amount of it. We love Uberlube. 

You may want to try it out in front of a mirror to make sure you're getting to the right spot. 

Be relaxed and in a comfortable position that doesn't require you to tense you butt muscles. Laying down on your side is often a very comfortable position for folks. You can then lay one leg bent in front of you and reach around your body to place the toy. 

You may want to massage the area and warm it up before use. Make sure to use lube. Once you're comfortable inserting a finger, that might be a good time to try the toy. 

When inserting the toy, let it sit at the opening for a few seconds to see if your body is ready to invite the toy in. 

Insert slowly and make sure you're breathing. Especially breathe out when inserting the toy. 

When removing the toy, don't bear down like you're going to the bathroom. Tug on the base and let your body do most of the work to push it out. Keep some tissues or wipes nearby for easy clean up. 

Make sure to clean your toy between uses. 

Please don't use a toy anally and then elsewhere (mouth or vagina). 

If you're having difficulty with entering your anus or experiencinh pain, I highly recommend you connect with a local pelvic physical therapist for an evaluation. 

Have fun!