Founder Feature: Nancy from Banana Pants

Founder Features is an ongoing series of conversations between Dr. T and the sexual wellness innovators she admires. The series highlights founders and designers that are working to foster inclusivity and to create accessibility-minded sex toys for pleasure-seekers from all walks of life. 

Nancy (they/them and she/her) is the founder of Banana Pants, a line of unique toys that make life better in the bedroom (or wherever you fancy a shag). Anybody who enjoys strap-on, harness play, Banana Pants has your bases covered. Nancy spent some time with us discussing their personal story and what her products uniquely provide.

How did you in become a founder in the sexual wellness industry? 

NANCY: I'm a nonbinary person who was always on the hunt for something to make strap-on sex more pleasurable. I tapped a good friend of mine to help me bring my ideas to life and once I saw the renderings I knew I had to find a way to make them. Of course that takes time and money, which, I suddenly found myself having both. I had just lost my job of 17 years with ESPN The Magazine and two months later I lost my dad. My father left me a little cash which I used to start Banana Pants. I had time, money, ideas and a creative genius of a friend willing to help me! 

You really sound like you love what you're doing!

NANCY: I love dealing with all types of people near and far and bringing fun to folks wherever I can. Sex can be tricky and vulnerable and even scary, especially if you have insecurities, gender dysphoria or just overall shyness.  It's not always easy to ask for what you want or need. I wanted to take some of the sting out of all the difficulties people may have in the bedroom (and elsewhere) and create a fun brand with a purpose. 

What would you want someone who's looking at your toys to know? 

NANCY: You may want to try a couple different options! One toy may work better for you depending on your body, needs and desires. Some offer more cushion where others offer more stimulation. Also make sure you pair it with a dildo base that is size appropriate (up to 3.25 inches) and a harness that allows you to feel the toy (open o-ring or underwear harness). You may also want to give it a try when you are alone before trying it with a partner so you get a good feel for the toy. 

Who are Banana Pants for? 

NANCY: The demographic is really for anyone who uses a strap-on dildo, and as it turns out, a wide variety of folks do! We use a body safe silicone that is super soft and feels great to the touch. Our products offer stimulation, cushion and/or vibration to add to the base of your strap-on dildo. They can help prevent pubic bruising for the harness wearer during sex and offer uniquely designed nubs/bumps and protrusions to grind on during strap-on sex.

What's the best feedback you've received from a customer? 

NANCY: "This changes the game" A simple statement that says it all. It was for our original toy, the Bumpher but I've since gotten many of the same reviews about the Shagger and the Honeybunch. 

What do you see as your contribution to the sexual wellness industry? 

NANCY: I hope to bring more pleasure and comfort to all the strap-on wearers of the world. I want people to be able to have fun and enjoy their sex lives without shame or pain!

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