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Silicone Dilator Set SMALL

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Intimate Rose Small Dilator 4-Pack includes sizes 1-4 of our high quality, medical grade silicone dilators. These small dilators are firm enough to hold their shape, but are significantly smoother and more comfortable than dilators made of plastic and other silicone dilators that have a sticky finish. The very small dilators in this set range in length from 2.8 to 4.5 inches and width from 0.45 to 0.95 inches.
  • Smooth Non Stick Surface
  • 4 Sizes That Gradually Progress
  • Designed by Pelvic Physical Therapist
  • Medical Grade Silicone & BPA Free


    Our silicone dilators provide help with:
    - Painful sex
    - Vaginismus
    - Vaginal stenosis
    - Vulvudynia
    - Vestibulodynia
    - Menopause
    - Pelvic pain
    - Gender affirmation

    Intimate Rose dilators for vaginismus, painful intercourse, medical exams, and more, were designed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Pelvic Floor practitioner out of a need to give her patients a more comfortable experience.

    Women experience painful penetration know how important it is to have the smoothest experience when using dilators. Unlike the uncomfortable plastic dilators or other sticky silicone dilators, Intimate Rose uses a proprietary finishing process to give the silicone a velvety smooth texture while maintaining enough firmness for women to reach their goals.

    Each small dilator in the set is progressively bigger than the next.

    Pairs perfectly with our water-based lubricant, Velvet Rose, for additional comfort on insertion.

    Our dilators were created to address various forms of pelvic pain. The silky smooth medical grade silicone has been highly regarded by patients, customers, and clinicians all across the United States!