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Pineapple Delight Plug

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You may not be Carmen Miranda, but you will be dancing to the rhythm with this pineapple themed princess plug ready to show you pleasure like you have never dreamed. Made from an incredibly high quality, hand crafted glass that is treated with gold fuming as it is blown to deliver you a perfectly pink tint, this toy is sure to please every posterior. Of course we add a perfect sparkly Pink Crystal in the base.


At three inches long (and 1.6 wide, for those who are counting), this glass butt plug is truly a beauty to behold, and feels even better to the touch with its smooth yet delightfully textured surface, designed solely for your pleasure. It has a slim neck and of course, a flanged base, making it safe for anal use, as well as giving you something to move the plug around with.


Like all Crystal Delights products, no two plugs are exactly alike, so you will be the owner of a beautiful and decadent erotic art piece that is as unique as you are, and infinitely more satisfying!