Magnetic Nipple Rings

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Subsensuals provide the perfect combination of beauty and pain. 


Classy and quirky Swarovski Crystals have been paired with strong earth magnets to create nipple and clitoral clamps that double as non-piercing body jewelry. Only you, your partner(s), and fans will understand the meaning behind your new accessories, while you get compliments from the unknowing. 


Subsensuals are alluring with a scientific twist. Kinky when used as clamps, Earth magnets can also help blood flow, repair tissue, and reduce stress. 


Subsensuals matching sets will take your breath away, in the best way possible.


Each beautiful set is made with sterling silver, top quality beads, strong earth magnets, and Swarovski crystals.


Whether you are curious or advanced with clamps, Subsensuals will be your new favorite set for pinch, style, and play.