Gemstone Yoni

Red Jasper Straight Yoni Wand

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Exuding with passion, our large red jasper yoni wand has an irresistibly silky smooth shaft that channels orgasmic energy through your body as you master self-play. Our red jasper crystal dildo falls nothing short of a libido boosting, endurance enhancing stimulator, making it the perfect mate for kindling any relationship.

A dream you don't want to wake up from, our red jasper massage wand will lead you to a state of nirvana. Journey into a fierceness of red jasper alone or with a partner, either way you will tingle from head to toe.

Crystal sex toys have revolutionized the orgasm, creating a portal for the divine you to arouse.


  • 100% natural organic crystal
  • Sleek, silky, smooth
  • Holds warm / cold sensations
  • May use dry, wet or any glide infusion
  • Infuses energetic vibes

Certified Red Jasper

MOHS Rating: 7

Origin: Australia

Large: 7.5” long x 1.5” wide
Medium Slim: 7” long x 1” wide

Each stone will have a unique appearance of red, orange, cream, white color variations colors.

Corresponds to the Root Chakra

Red jasper is known for its vibrancy and endurance it brings out along with its ability to achieve goals through focus and determination.

Use the large crystal dildo to stimulate the yoni by moving in and out or in circular motions and engaging the clitoris for extra pleasure.

Use the crystal massage wands thicker end to target pressure points all over the body.