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Herbal Cooling Pantyliners

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An herbal infused panty liner designed to help soothe and cool vaginal burning associated with Interstitial Cystitis, Vulvodynia, Lichens Sclerosis and Atrophy.

"As a woman who suffers from severe IC with hunners lesions, the number one problem I have on a daily basis is vaginal burning. I spent months researching, and finally developed a blend that not only soothes vaginal burning, but helps to heal the area as well. My panty liners are infused with Peppermint & Borneal which help to cool the skin."

WARNING! Do not use these panty liners unless you want extreme Vaginal cooling! These panty liners provide icy cold relief ! Herbal Infused Cooling Panty Liners infused with Peppermint & Borneal, designed to help soothe Vaginal burning caused by Interstitial Cystitis

  • 18 count