Jollet Harnessable

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A Beautiful Flower Garden or Gold and Purple Flame in an epic Jollet that can be harnessable! Jollet has a similar shape to our Jollie without the handle. As with all our Jollets, each Jollet is unique. Not one will look just like the other. So you will have a one of a kind Jollet.

Created of hygienically superior silicone, the Jollet has an intuitive shape designed to fit the female anatomy. Standing at seven and a half inches tall, Jollet is sure to become a favorite. The top widens into a 1.8" diameter bulge, designed for g-spot stimulation; The shaft then tapers gradually into two clitoral stimulating ridges at the bottom. The base is flower-shaped for style and stability, and is flat on the bottom, allowing it to stand upright.

A small hole in the base is designed for inserting a small bullet vibrator for extra stimulation. The texture of the insertable portion of the Jollet is sensually smooth, while the base is textured for an easy grip.